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Join the battle in Zombie Shooter -BATTLE- HD! Head to the Kiro Island in the Kiro Science lab where a experiment gone wrong! Now its your job to make sure the virus doesn't spread! This game is a HD remake of my Scratch game Zombie Shooter -BATTLE-!



The shop has items (skins, etc.)that require Z-COINS that are obtained from zombies! More stuff coming each update!


Z-COINS (a.k.a. Zombie Coins) are obtained when you kill a zombie!

Time Bombs

Pick up Time Bombs from crates, drop it, and see a small circle where time freezes!


Just grenades


Crates randomly spawn, pickup them to obtain health, ammo, grenades, and Time Bombs!


You have 6 areas you can play with!



WASD to move, mouse to aim, E to throw grenades, Q to drop time bombs, space to pause, left click to shoot!


Plug in a controller and boot up the game! Move the player and cursor with your DPAD! Select/shoot with A. RB to throw grenades and LB to drop time bombs. Start to pause. (CONTROLLER ONLY WORKS WITH 1.4+)

Trouble shooting?--

If you are having issues after an update, or booting up on the first time? Well 1. that's my fault, it will be fixed soon. 2. A quick fix is to download the 'Backup Save File' go to %appdata%, then head to the folder "Zombie_Shooter_Battle". If that folder isn't there, you can add that back in.  Then you can throw the backup save file which will be labeled as "ZCOINS_SAVE.ini" into that folder. Boot up your game and you should be good! A quick warning is that its a brand new fresh save file. So its really only good for if you are having issues when booting the game for the first time.


Everything by me and is fine to use in recordings and streams. You know, because I kind of want people to play this. 

Install instructions


Unzip the zip file and click on the .exe inside it


Open the installer and follow the on screen instructions.


Backup save file 180 bytes
ZSB (EXE) 1.7.2 70 MB
ZSB (ZIP) 1.7.2 56 MB

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Hi I'm Zayode from scratch. I was learning Unity but I know game maker is easier (i've already tried it). Can you recommend me some tutorials or something? Anyways cool game! 

What I did to learn GameMaker was first following a tutorial by Yoyogames (creators of GameMaker) on YouTube. I did a step by step following of the entire video. Then for the rest I asked questions on Reddit and thru the Discord.

Ok thanks!

No problem!

hi Plushie UwU

Hello my friend!